Here are the Sectors that we cover

Central Government

Our team is cleared to work in secure Central Government locations with enhanced security access requirements.


From primary schools to secondary schools and universities, our team have the relevant security clearance and also understand the sensitivities of working around children and young adults.

Finance & Professional

Including banks and financial institutions, we work sensitively and courteously in corporate environments.


We understand that delivering cost-effective solutions to our NHS is crucial, as is the ability to respond and deliver maintenance services to critical assets


From leisure centres to hotels, we are familiar with having to work around the public and the needs of our customers.

Local Government

We understand that delivering cost-effective solutions to our local councils is crucial, we’ve therefore worked closely with many local government bodies to make efficiencies where appropriate.


From office to production environments, we can quickly align to the needs of specific manufacturing practices, whether that be working outside of normal hours or planning works for outages, we always try to minimise the impact of our activities on our customers.


As we understand that the customer is the priority, our team and specifically our mobile engineers have undergone special customer service training so we can liaise with retail customers and the public in a customer-centric way.